[aprssig] Bad Paths

Steve s.jones at rogers.com
Mon Nov 29 19:46:32 EST 2004

On Nov 29, 2004, at 7:35 PM, Earl Needham wrote:

>> What's wrong with RELAY,WIDE4-4?
>         Depends on where you are and if that path doesn't cause any 
> disruption in the local network.  I sure wouldn't suggest such a path 
> for NYC, Washington, DC, LA, etc...
>         7 3
>         Earl

Yup, that's what I wondered.  RELAY, WIDE4-4 is fine for a mobile 
around here.

I thought maybe Eric had some other reason for deciding this path was a 
problem.  There are far worse paths I could think of that would deserve 
more attention.

Steve <s.jones at rogers.com>

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