[aprssig] SolarPC Announces the $100 Personal Computer

Keith - VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Sun Nov 28 13:46:30 EST 2004

> >http://linuxpr.com/releases/7357.html
> Yeah, but minimum order is 100,000 units!

I'll take two. I just need to find 999,998 other people to put an order together!

With CPUs getting faster, hard drives getting bigger, half a gig or more of RAM being common, and bigger power supplies all of the time, the SolarPC is bucking the trend, but it could definitely fill a few niche market with low cost / low powered machines, and would have some potential for amateur applications such as APRS. Pictures at www.solarlite.org. In their words, "SolarLite Quiet PC"... a small, sensible, silent, computer." You can find a lot more info at www.solarpc.com. 

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