[aprssig] Emergency Beacons

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Nov 23 08:30:26 EST 2004

>I made an opps earlier today.  I thought I had setup my 
>D700 with a status of 'TEST' before I hit the "Emergency" 
>status but it appears it didn't send the "TEST" part.  

Thanks for reminding us all of this error.  Let me remind
everyone else:::

Some "aprs" clone software does not even support STATUS.
And since a single APRS EMERGENCY packet triggers alarms
for EVERYONE, the best rule is never-ever send out a test 
emergency packet except on a NON-APRS frequency into a
dummy load where you are guaranteed that no one will 
receive it.

STATUS is dispayed separately from a POSIT and the
EMERGENCY bit is in the POSIT.... So again, NEVER
send out an emergency packet unless it is a REAL

Thanks, for reminding us all of this operations scenario.

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