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Monty Wilson jwilson at ncfcomm.com
Mon Nov 22 20:02:22 EST 2004

I like the concept....good job.  

Comments/questions:  On the Citizen Weather link section, the Quality
control graph for my station shows "no data", but that may not be your
problem.  I notice the Current report listing only shows CW stations, but
not the amateur stations.  Since this takes you to just a list of CW
stations with no other (location related) information it is less that useful
in my opinion, but I may not understand the use of this list.  Of course you
can find out where the stations are by clicking the link, but makes it hard
to use that way.

Monty Wilson
jwilson at ncfcomm.com

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I am putting the final touches on the new version of the wxpage cgi, here is
test URL, let me know if you find any problems:


If the station you are viewing are forwarding your data to NOAA through the
(as mine does), you will find a link appearing to the daily quality
graphs for that station.

Steve K4HG

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