[aprssig] Packets that I have IGated on Findu?

Robbie - WA9INF mwrobertson at comcast.net
Mon Nov 22 15:34:56 EST 2004


There is a program called Alogger.exe that you can connect to a internet 
aprs stream server and capture any packet that has any string you wish 
to observe. So if your callsign were to be used, then any packet that 
reached the APRS-IS with your callsign would be logged...

Do a Google on Alogger165.zip which is the last version I have, if you 
can't find it, contact

Bill Diaz,
william.diaz at comcast.net


William McKeehan wrote:
> Is there a cgi on findu (or other) that will list the packets that my station
> IGated for a specified time period?
> Thanks for any pointers.

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