[aprssig] Packets that I have IGated on Findu?

Steve Dimse k4hg at tapr.org
Mon Nov 22 14:46:18 EST 2004

On 11/22/04 at 2:27 PM William McKeehan <mckeehan at mckeehan.homeip.net> sent:

>Is there a cgi on findu (or other) that will list the packets that my station
>IGated for a specified time period?
Not for findU, which does not parse out paths.

The reason for this is the APRS Internet System is not designed for propagation
studies, any application of findU to propagation will lead to erroneous

The APRS Internet System was designed to transport the payload of the packet,
and duplicate payloads are filtered out, paths are deliberately ignored in this
filtering process. Which duplicates are filtered out depends on propagation
delays on internet and rf, and the connection paths of the IGates to the APRS
Internet system.

So, a findU cgi would provide an incomplete list of the packets you IGated, the
degree of incompleteness could not be guessed...

The best way to get such a log is to use an APRS client program which provides
an option to log IGate packets, there are several that do.

Steve K4HG

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