[aprssig] Packet disassembly help needed

vk4tec vk4tec at tech-software.net
Sat Nov 20 20:24:06 EST 2004


Does anyone have some perl code I can use to uncompress 

@210039z/\G;Xt{68>+GzBob VK4YBN, 2004 Summer Challenge {UIV23N}

@ (Compressed with timestamp)
210039z (HHMMSSz)
/ (sym table)
t{68 (XXXX)
> (symbol)
+Gz (csT)
Bob VK4YBN, 2004 Summer Challenge {UIV23N} (comment)

I need to be able to return the ascii value of a number as well.

and do powers of 91 calculations

Cheers Andy VK4TEC

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