[aprssig] pocketaprs and ique3600

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Sat Nov 20 14:56:49 EST 2004

Eric, I have used the Kenwood THD7(G) with a Palm. Your problem may be that
your GPS is "in" your PDA. The Kenwood radio expects to see a GPS via one
communication port (the one labelled "GPS") and the PDA through the *other*
port (labelled PC). In your case, both your GPS and PC are hiding behind one
port. That makes it impossible to connect them both to the Kenwood at the
same time.

IF your PDA is capable of sending the GPS signal out via the serial
port--and you'll have to read your manual to find that out--then you can
connect the PDA to the GPS port of the Kenwood, using the Kenwood supplied
cable. You will need to fit that cable with whatever type of fitting plugs
into your PDA's serial port.

When you want to connect the Kenwood to a PC, or a GPS, you actually use the
same cable BUT you need to use a DB9F fitting for one, and a DB9M for the
other, with the appropriate gender change (swapping the tx/rx lines) as
well. You can use one cable with both DB9F and DB9M attached as a "y" at one
end. But you'll still need to either buy a second cable, or move your cable,
because the Kenwood radio wants to see the GPS in one socket, and the PC in
the *other* socket.

As far as I know, you can't combine them. It might be possible--but they say
it won't work. he Kenwood only 'knows' it is getting data from the PC, or
the GPS, because the data is physically plugged into the PC or GPS socket on
the radio.

[Does that help any? We should probably take this off-list if it needs to go
farther, this is a Kenwood/PDA not APRS issue.]

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