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William McKeehan mckeehan at mckeehan.homeip.net
Thu Nov 18 14:19:34 EST 2004

In my home area, I think a problem for me is that THE digi in the area has a
very good coverage - and my HT can not hear nearly as much as the digi hears,
so a larger percentage of my packets are at the same time as some other
stations and I am loosing (or we are both loosing). I plan to take steps to
improve the situation my home area.

Right now, I think my first step toward solving this will be to add an IGate
with a reasonable antenna at my home. I'm not sure if I need to setup a digi
or just an igate. Can anyone offer any suggestions about this? My home area is
Kodak, TN - http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?call=ki4hdu-0.

On Thu, November 18, 2004 2:03 pm, Robert Bruninga said:
>>>> lcerney at viawest.net 11/18/04 10:40:32 AM >>>
>>... Using RELAY,WIDE2-2 is great in an urban area
>>with RELAYs around, but if there are no RELAYs around
>>your position beacon goes no farther.
> But *every* digi is supposed to also respond to RELAY and
> do callsign substitution... so it should not matter where one
> is when using that path.  The problem with trackers is 100%
> congestion  on the inputs of most digis who are hearing all
> the QRM from the suprrounding 300 miles.  Thats why
> separating the local user inputs to 144.99 (if available
> in your area) is the way to solve that problem...
> de WB4APR, Bob
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