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Larry Cerney lcerney at viawest.net
Thu Nov 18 10:40:32 EST 2004


You are right about most everything you have stated.  APRS is a simplex
network if you are not in reach of a digi.  The area covered is in direct
relationship to the power out and your terrain.  There isn't much you can do
if you're in canyons or over the far side of a hill with no other stations
to repeat your signal.  Using RELAY,WIDE2-2 is great in an urban area with
RELAYs around, but if there are no RELAYs around your position beacon goes
no farther.

Two options you might consider are with the TinyTrack 3 you have the option
to set up two via paths.  Consider one with RELAY,WIDE2-2 and the second
with either just WIDE or WIDE2-2.  I think I remember that the position
reports will alternate between the two via's.  That way if a RELAY doesn't
hear you to repeat you a WIDE might on the next beacon.

Second option is, as Tim the Toolman would say, is "More Power".  That and a
good antenna outside your Jeep would be advisable to maybe get you out from
your remote position a little better.

Check out the area you will be offroading in to see what digis are around
and you might use their callsign in your digi path to improve your chances
of getting your position report out and into the internet.

Remember, APRS isn't a surefire position reporting system.  It is a best
chance tactical position reporting system.  So you will have to live with
its imperfections.

Have fun and be careful out there four wheeling.  As I always tell other
four wheelers, you want the equipment that took you out there to bring you


"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." 
--Albert Einstein 

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