[aprssig] Deluo GPS connector

Jordi Costa bvjordi at bitsnvolts.com
Wed Nov 17 10:34:24 EST 2004

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> Scott Miller wrote on 11/16/2004, 11:13 AM:
>  > I'm thinking about becoming a Deluo reseller to
>  > offer something closer to one-stop shopping.  I should be able to offer
>  > package deal that'd be cheaper than buying a tracker and GPS receiver
>  > separately.  Deluo seems like the best choice for inexpensive, simple
>  > receivers, but if anyone's got another suggestion, let me know.
> With a little shopping around, you can get the Garmin 18 for less than
> the Deluo.  It consumes far less current than the Deluo  and is
> available with flying leads ready to connect to any kind of device.
> Better mounting options too; bottom is magnetic and also has a 1/4-24
> screw hold for a bolt.
> Stephen H. Smith                wa8lmf (at) aol.com

And what about integration of a Motorola Oncore receiver ?  (
http://www.motorola.com/ies/GPS/products_positioning.html )

Jordi - EA3CIU

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