[aprssig] D700 APRS question

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oM is "outgoing Message". It means that the person whose callsign appears 
next to "oM" has just sent a message to somebody other than you.


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>I have a D700 and have been using it to run APRS for almost 2 years now in
> the car.  I have asked the following question a few times on the Kenwood
> reflector and never got a reply (that I know of), and since this is 
> related
> to the APRS on the D700 I hope I am 'on topic'.
> The question is related to the various indicators:
> When a duplicate position is received the display shows dP
> When a duplicate status text is received the display shows dS
> What does oM mean?
> There may be one other that shows up but I can not think of it at the
> moment.  The oM is not listed in the table on page 14 of the special
> communications manual (where all of the other indicators are listed), and 
> I
> can not find any reference to it anywhere in the manuals.

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