[aprssig] FireNet Servers

Spider spider at rivcom.net
Tue Nov 16 13:11:04 EST 2004

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> At 07:26 AM 11/16/2004, aa3jy at winlink.org wrote:
>>Ok..please advise on how to add the FireNet servers into UI-View 'Server 
>>Clay AA3JY
>>9via Winlink)
>         Easy enough --  simply open UIview32.ini in Notepad and add a line 
> for the server, in the following format:
> SERVER120=zl.aprs2.net:14580 ;User-Definable Filter Port: APRSZL Auckland, 
> New Zealand
>         Simply change the data to the server you want to use.  Save your 
> changes, close Notepad, restart UI-View32 and it'll be there.

Gee Earl.....that is the hard way!


1.  GOTO Setup
2.  GOTO APRS Server Setup
3.  Place your mouse inside the box where the servers are listed
4.  Hit the INSERT key
5.  Type in the new server and port;  FIRENET.US:14580
6.  Hit  <ENTER>
7.  Check the little box that appears next to the new server.
8.  Ok out of that view and then connect!

You can do this for ANY APRS server.


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