[aprssig] FireNet Servers

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Tue Nov 16 09:39:06 EST 2004

At 07:31 AM 11/16/2004, Earl Needham wrote:

>         Easy enough --  simply open UIview32.ini in Notepad and add a 
> line for the server, in the following format:
>SERVER120=zl.aprs2.net:14580 ;User-Definable Filter Port: APRSZL Auckland, 
>New Zealand
>         Simply change the data to the server you want to use.  Save your 
> changes, close Notepad, restart UI-View32 and it'll be there.

         BTW, that line should be toward the end of the uiview.ini file.


Earl Needham, KD5XB, Clovis, New Mexico  DM84jk

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