[aprssig] WinLink Nodes now on FireNet

deni deni at dwatt.com
Mon Nov 15 23:02:02 EST 2004

Please head me to or point me to the contact for this.  I run an igate and 
am a winlink pmbo and am very willing to cross fertilize.  Just need the 
software and the directions.
73 - deni

At 08:52 PM 11/15/2004, you wrote:
>Thanks to Lee, K0QED, some new data has appeared using APRS via the 
>FireNet servers.  Those of you that use WinLink and are traveling (or not) 
>may find this of some use.
>Winlink TelPac Node positions are now being sent on the FireNet network. 
>Telpac nodes allow access to email via the Winlink 2000 servers using 
>normal packet modes on VHF and UHF.  It is hoped that Igate stations 
>connected to FireNet will gate these objects to RF so that travelers 
>coming into their area can identify active TelPac nodes that could be 
>accessed for use.
>The packets typically look like:
>WLNK-3>APWL2K,TCPIP,WA6OFT-1,WA7RAT-11* <UI>:;wa6oft 
>*160233z3408.75N/11417.50WnWL2K Port,145.550,1200,PARKER, AZ
>Jim, WA6OFT
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