[aprssig] WinLink Nodes now on FireNet

Spider spider at rivcom.net
Mon Nov 15 21:52:19 EST 2004

Thanks to Lee, K0QED, some new data has appeared using APRS via the FireNet 
servers.  Those of you that use WinLink and are traveling (or not) may find 
this of some use.

Winlink TelPac Node positions are now being sent on the FireNet network. 
Telpac nodes allow access to email via the Winlink 2000 servers using normal 
packet modes on VHF and UHF.  It is hoped that Igate stations connected to 
FireNet will gate these objects to RF so that travelers coming into their 
area can identify active TelPac nodes that could be accessed for use.

The packets typically look like:

WLNK-3>APWL2K,TCPIP,WA6OFT-1,WA7RAT-11* <UI>:;wa6oft 
*160233z3408.75N/11417.50WnWL2K Port,145.550,1200,PARKER, AZ


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