[aprssig] KISS mode - a different perspective -was- Re: [ui-view] RE: Windows UI-View Replacement - Development

Bill Herrmann bherrman at spro.net
Mon Nov 15 20:40:15 EST 2004

At 06:20 PM 11/13/2004 -0800, scott at opentrac.org wrote:
>As for TNC configs, I say: DON'T.  Absolutely no supporting terminal-mode
>TNCs.  KISS has been commonplace for what, 20 years?  If we're using 3 year
>old machines as a baseline, then a KISS TNC should be part of the baseline

Just for a different data point here.
My TNCs will all run KISS mode just fine. However, I have yet to see any 
software that supports my main home TNC properly in KISS mode. I believe 
I've seen some software that supports 2 ports, but mine has 3....

So, if you're gonna say "KISS mode only" then do it right.

However, even if you do that I probably still wouldn't use it as the system 
has automatic APRS beaconing set up and functions as a gateway node too. 
All of that gets disabled if I have to put it in KISS mode.


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