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Sat Nov 13 21:20:57 EST 2004

I haven't looked at it in awhile, but I seem to remember UI-View was lacking
in map metadata.  Couldn't specify datum, at least, and doesn't it treat
everything as a simple Cartesian plane, with no concept of map projection?

As for TNC configs, I say: DON'T.  Absolutely no supporting terminal-mode
TNCs.  KISS has been commonplace for what, 20 years?  If we're using 3 year
old machines as a baseline, then a KISS TNC should be part of the baseline
as well.  I've talked to a number of European users, and they can't believe
that we're not running KISS in the States.  Support AGWPE, but don't cater
to obsolete hardware.  Maybe John Hansen would be willing to give a discount
on a bundled version with a TNC-X for those still stuck with ancient


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I have started a list on TAPR to look at a new Windows UI-View replacement,
as Roger decided that no more development would be done following his death.
The concept is to write a windows program and Architecture that will suit
third party development, like UI-View, but go far further.

The concept is also that it would require a WINDOWS PC with the .NET
framework. We are looking at computers no more than 3 years old to run the
software as a benchmark.

We might use config and map alignment files from UI-View as a basis for the
software to reduce development time.

We are also looking at splitting the system in the following areas
		Packet Encoding and Decoding
		Display and Mapping
		TNC and Network Controls
		GPS Controls

A mailing list has been set up to look at all this. The mailing list can be
subscribed to by looking at


The list is available on

	Aprs-windows at lists.tapr.org

Anyone wanting to see a copy of the existing available code should email me


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