[aprssig] UI-View now officially frozen -- no future development

Stephen H. Smith WA8LMF2 at aol.com
Thu Nov 11 21:17:16 EST 2004

I'm surprised this news hasn't yet made it to this list, but here it is.

Quoting from Ken Collins' ( g4fip ) post on the UI-View Yahoo list this 

=========================  PASTE ====================

I have delayed issuing this message to the list in the hope that I might
have some good news to ameliorate the bad news.

The bad news is, that despite many offers from around the world to
continue development of UI-View, Roger, rightly or wrongly, decided that
the development of the program as he envisaged it would not continue
after his death. Accordingly in his last wishes he instructed the family
and myself to destroy the source codes and consequently there will not
be any further development of UI-View.

This has not yet been done as, based on a conversation I had with Dee
and Roger before he died, I am asking permission to exclude the PMap
server source code from his instructions. If Dee and the family agree to
my request this might just be the good news. At the moment I am not
pressurizing the family for a decision on this.

As one of those who were involved with the program before it was known
as UI-View, and being responsible for publicly releasing UI-View v1.00,
I am as disappointed as many of you reading this message are, however,
whilst I might not agree with it, I can understand Roger's thinking on

I would like to extend my thanks to all those who offered their services
to continue the development of UI-View. I'm sorry your offers were not

Please do not contact Dee directly. Apart from the trauma of Roger's
passing, she has now returned to work and is still involved in all the
legal formalities and frustrations associated with a family death.


Ken Collins - G4FIP
E-mail:- g4fip at tiscali.co.uk

======================== END PASTE =========================

This seems to imply that there will not be a revised PMap server add-in 
for Precision Mapping 7.0.....

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