[aprssig] Question about FindU

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Nov 10 09:10:54 EST 2004

>Ahh...  The blind leading the blind!
>ECHO is the HF equivalent of RELAY.   It has no use 
>whatsoever on VHF. 

I would even say that it also has no INTENDED use
on HF either.  The reason for changing the ALIAS from RELAY
when operating on HF was to make sure it was anything 
OTHER THAN RELAY.  This is so that people that QSY'ed 
to HF and forgot to change their settings would not cause 
EVEYONE to digipeat EVERY packet (since originally everyone 
on APRS was a RELAY and set theri path via RELAY).

The intent was NEVER to encourage digipeating on HF!
But at least if someone did have the need in an emergency, 
then they would konw that ECHO was available.

PLEASE *** No digipeating on HF via ECHO for normal
APRS operations. on the normal APRS HF frequenceis!


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