[aprssig] findU major project... 'view sheds' ?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Nov 9 14:49:13 EST 2004

Yes, that is what the PHG circle is.
Unfortunately recent users of some current popular
APRS clone software have never seen one..
It would be great on FINDU too...

>>> kmcaviezel at yahoo.com 11/9/04 1:35:52 PM >>>
I continue to be fascinated by the QRP potential of
the high alitude balloons, it would be really cool if
findu.com had an option to show not only the position
of a unit, but also it's radio 'view shed'.  A simple
view shed of course can be made by drawing a circle of
radius 1.2X x ht^.5, and a more accurate view shed can
be made by using the topo data and the Longley-Rice
propagation model such as what's done by the
super-awesome freeware "Radio Mobile".  
Not only would the APRS balloonatics love this
feature, but repeater operators and users would love
it as well, as a very convenient way to visualize
repeater coverage areas.  Heck, the SAR folks could
use this for real-time co-ordination of setting up
basecamps when they are starting a rescue operation. 

- KMC now NG0X, Denver 


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