[aprssig] findU major project... 'view sheds' ?

K. Mark Caviezel kmcaviezel at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 9 13:35:52 EST 2004

sorry to hear about your tumble, and best wishes for a
speedy recovery ! 

I continue to be fascinated by the QRP potential of
the high alitude balloons, it would be really cool if
findu.com had an option to show not only the position
of a unit, but also it's radio 'view shed'.  A simple
view shed of course can be made by drawing a circle of
radius 1.2X x ht^.5, and a more accurate view shed can
be made by using the topo data and the Longley-Rice
propagation model such as what's done by the
super-awesome freeware "Radio Mobile".  
Not only would the APRS balloonatics love this
feature, but repeater operators and users would love
it as well, as a very convenient way to visualize
repeater coverage areas.  Heck, the SAR folks could
use this for real-time co-ordination of setting up
basecamps when they are starting a rescue operation. 

- KMC now NG0X, Denver 


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