[aprssig] Re: ID requirements...

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Tue Nov 9 13:26:16 EST 2004

> ...Let's add a 'time-slotting' parameter to spread out
> [the 10 min DIGI posits] a bit.

<Good idea.  But I doubt that any TNC keeps that good of time nor do the
sysops keep the clocks set.  Maybe someone can study this  and report b

 Under Win9x and NT4, NT5, accurate timekeeping was optional. Under XP and
later versions of NT, timekeeping is no longer optional it is a mandatory
part of security and networking communications. If the system clock error
exceeds something like 15 seconds, authentication routines fail and  you'll
see 'invalid certificate" errors on the internet. XP and later versions of
NT are designed to synchronize with internet time services automatically,
transparently to the user.

 So no, sysops may not be syncing their clocks. And no, they may not be
using current OSes. But accurate time on PC's has become the standard--at
least on all new PC's that are networked to a server or internet-connected.
As WiFi continues to deploy (and there are high-power large range versions
coming SOON) it will become ever more common to see near-GPS quality time
accuracy on PCs. As the norm.

 Might as well anticipate that and make use of it. (And that's ignoring any
digi's which are using GPS-time to set their system clocks.)

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