[aprssig] ID requirements...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Nov 8 18:20:33 EST 2004

>>> Ron Stordahl <ron.stordahl at digikey.com> 11/8/04 4:29:04 PM >>>
>The best I can come up with using UIDIGI is this:
>Beacon 1 sent every 600 seconds, offset of 0 seconds,
>Beacon 2 sent every 3600 seconds, with offset of 0 
>Beacon 3 sent every 3600 seconds, offset of 1800 seconds, 

You are right that that will cause dupes on the hour and half hour.
Therefore I would do it this way:
#1 every 30 mins starting at   0
#2 every 30 mins starting at 10
#3 every 60 mins starting at 30

That will get you a local packet every 20 mins, a WIDE 
every 30, and a WIDE2-2 every hour and no dupes.  
***But once every hour on the 50 minute mark, you wont 
get any.   But 5 out of 6 ain't bad, since the rest of it works 
so well.

>You... say that each beacon should have identical text.
> I can  certainly do this, but I was not aware that this would 
>be an issue as long as the position portion of the beacon 
>was unchanged.

No, because a change in position text, is certainly a 
change in information, and a change in information from
any station is a cause for that new data to be LOGGED.
And we hate filling up our log files with 144 cycling positis
from a non-moving digi per day...

Maybe we need to feedback to the author of UIDIGI that
he needs the 4 timings...so that he can support the standard.  
Or better, maybe he should have a simple selection that is 
the default that is the standard without the sysop having
to think it all out every time...

Only 1 TEXT, and then automatically implements the
every 10 min local, every 30 min 1 hop and every 90 mins
2 hops.  Notice the 90 minutes is the desired rate for
the 2 hops, but no one has figured a way to do it
perfectly with the KPC-3 or any rom with only 4 options...



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