[aprssig] Can I route non UI packets through an intermediate KPC3/KCP3+

Tate KC7ZRU kc7zru at arrl.net
Sun Nov 7 01:41:24 EST 2004

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Ron Stordahl wrote:
| Is there a setting in KPC3 firmware which allows it to digi all frames
| and not just limit itself to UI frames so that this will be possible?
| Has anyone confirmed that if the option is present that it actually works?
| Ron, N5IN

Seeing as to how that's the default setup and part of the basic design
of TNCs, I'd say "yes". It'll do it out of the box.

Explore the UIDIGI call (from the KPC3+ manual)

"default: OFF

Up to 4 calls can be specified for special digipeater duty. If any of
the UIDIGI calls appears in the to-be-digipeated field of a UI packet,
and if MYCALL does not appear in the source field or any of the
has-been-digipeated fields, the UIDIGI call in the to-be digipeated
field will be replaced by MYCALL and the H bit set and the packet will
be digipeated."

Basicly, TNCs will digipeate connected mode frames by default - that's
what they were built to do and is considered a basic function of a TNC.
A TNC that DIDN'T digipeat connected frames would be considered 'broken'
for traditional AX.25 use. Devices like a UIDIGI firmwared TNC are
special purpose to digi UI only frames - not 'normal' TNCs. UIDIGI is
*great* for APRS, but it's rather unique in the TNC firmware world in
that it DOSEN'T digi connected mode frames.

The other command concerning digipeating is the DIGIPEAT command -
basicly ON or OFF. It'll enable the TNC to digipeat frames with MYCALL,
MYALIAS or MYNODE to be digipeated. Default is ON.

Explore the MYREMOTE and RTEXT commands while you're at it too. Quite handy.

You can find the whole of the KPC3+ command set in the online manual at

And yes, I can confirm that it does work. I use a KPC3+ up on Casper
Mnt. to administer several digipeaters from this nice little hole in the
Rockies along the Platte river.

Now, lets see if my assumption on the similartities between a KPC3 and a
KPC3+ justify this slaughter of inocent electrons.....


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