[aprssig] Can I route non UI packets through an intermediate KPC3/KCP3+

Ron Stordahl ron.stordahl at digikey.com
Sat Nov 6 23:51:47 EST 2004

I have a network of UIDIGI sites in NW Minnesota, and by setting them to 
digi all packets rather than the default limitation to UI packets only I 
am able to reach the furthest ones for sysop changes by a 'C KC0SD-2 via 
N5IN-2,W0BJI-2,N0CBV-1-1' as an example.  In that case I am from user 
station N5IN-4 connecting to the final digi KC0SD-2 with N5IN-2, W0BJI-2 
and N0CBV-1 as intermediate digis.  Once connected I type 'sys' and then 
in response to the number string I provide the proper password.  Then I 
can make sys changes at KC0SD-2, which is about 200 miles away from me.

The spacing on each of the intermediate digi's (all UIDIGI firmware) is 
such that this route is reliable in daylight hours.

I will be installing another digi which will be too far away to connect 
to via only my UIDIGI sites, but which I could reach if I could include 
a KPC3 digi in the route. 

Is there a setting in KPC3 firmware which allows it to digi all frames 
and not just limit itself to UI frames so that this will be possible?

Has anyone confirmed that if the option is present that it actually works?

Ron, N5IN

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