[aprssig] Multiple Server Connects

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Wed Nov 3 12:29:20 EST 2004

On Wed, 3 Nov 2004, Phillip B. Pacier wrote:

> I'm wondering why a client-side program would need to access
> multiple internet streams in the first place?  Particularly with
> the advent of the 14580 filter port, I think that this is no
> longer necessary.  The Firenet servers, if I remember correctly,
> also provide the "standard" APRS feed, and therefore one could
> customize a filter setting and get all the information they would
> possibly need.  There's no chance of looping if there is only one
> internet connection!

A somewhat broader view of what a TCP/IP connect from an APRS client
can be used for:

  *) Connecting to an INET server or a Firenet server main feed.

  *) Connecting to a filtered feed on one of them for a more
     regional or local view.

  *) Connecting to a special-event server, perhaps connected to a
     non-APRS frequency.

  *) Connecting to a local server that's not part of the global
     server network.

  *) Connecting to another APRS client that is in turn connected to

  *) Connecting to scripts/programs/daemons/databases that provide
     special data for a map display.

I'm sure there are more uses that I haven't enumerated just now.
It's not a large leap to see that several of these connects can be
done at once, and can be very useful.  Yes, there are types of
multiple connects that can be much less useful, as you suggested.

In order not to limit our users we currently allow up to fifteen
different interfaces, which can be connected to internet servers,
weather stations (remote or local), GPS'es (remote or local), AX.25
kernel interfaces, AGWPE interfaces (remote or local), etc.  If more
interfaces are desired, it's not hard to change the code to allow
more.  We specifically made it easy.

We expect that our users thinking for themselves, user education,
and pummelling from the APRSSIG & Xastir lists will keep our users
informed of the proper uses of these types of features.  ;-)

Do we have to go through this discussion every couple of months?
It's a waste of time to iterate this periodically.  I mostly did it
for the new people that might not have seen this discussion before.

If we don't agree, we don't agree.  Let's get on with something more
interesting.  I very much respect the other client/server authors
and what they've done.  I think most of them respect our work
(Xastir project) as well.  We're all trying to do our best, but have
different agendas, priorities, viewpoints.  This SIG is
"interesting" in how it brings out the differences of opinion, to
say the least, so I suspect new/newer users get a rather slanted
view as to how the various players interact here.  ;-)

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