[aprssig] Free development tools for the OpenTracker

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Tue Nov 2 20:55:16 EST 2004

Most of you probably know already that the full source code of the
OpenTracker firmware (and configuration program) is available free under the
Modified BSD license.  This means that if you want to make and even
redistribute a customized version, you're free to do so as long as you give
credit where it's due.

Until now, the biggest problem with this has been that a full-featured
compiler to build the firmware would set you back a few hundred dollars.
But Metrowerks has just updated their free 'special edition' license for the
HC(S)08 development environment, and you can now build up to 16k of code
with it.  This is more than enough to build the full OpenTracker firmware,
and I'll probably switch to this new version (3.1) for future development

Yeah, it's only available for Windows (sorry Linux zealots), and you'll
still need Visual C++ if you want to customize the configuration program,
but for students, experimenters, and anyone else who wants to tweak the
code - or make it do something entirely different - this is great.

It's not GPL'd, so you're under no obligation to submit changes to me.  I'll
be happy to consider submissions for inclusion in the regular codebase,

A link to the CodeWarrior product page can be found at
http://n1vg.net/opentracker/links.php.  I've just updated the source archive
with the latest release.


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