[aprssig] Re: RS on expedition, but non ham?

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Mon Nov 1 13:25:15 EST 2004

> 73 de Wolf, OE7FTJ

Wolf, since you are in Austria and the expedition is to Franz Josef Land, it
might be futile to be asking this question in the context of US amateurs.
Equipment contributed/run by a US amateur would really not be appropriate
unless they were physically ON the expedition, even assuming it might be
legal for them to supply.

The rules that govern the legality of the transmission will depend on:
1-The rules governing the geographic region, and any reciprocal operator
arrangements with
2-The rules governing the radio operaotr/licensee.

You might start with asking your national ham radio group if they would
support the expedition, most would jump at the chance. If the expedition is
Austrian (etc.) sponsored they will be the best source of direct knowledge
on the rules governing operation of the radio. The other likely source would
be whateer ham radio community is in Russia, because:

Apparently Franz Joseph Land is Russian territory, "Arkhangelsk Oblast
(?????????????? ????????) is a regional subdivision of Russia. It includes
Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya island, and also the autonomous district
of Nenetsia." so your expedition will be governed by Russian law.

Your simplest solution might be to find out if there is satphone coverage
that far north, using the Iridium or Globalstar systems. Both of those have
provision for transmitting position information during routine
communications. Playing with satellite transmissions using ham equipment
*probably* will not be as reliable and compact, even if you had a trained
operator on the expedition.

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