[aprssig] TAPR Lifetime Achievement Award - Roger Barker G4IDE

Darryl Smith Darryl at radio-active.net.au
Sat Jul 31 18:19:37 EDT 2004

"TAPR Lifetime Achievement Award

TAPR is pleased to award a Lifetime Achievement Award to Roger Barker G4IDE,
of Lincolnshire, UK. 

Roger has worked tirelessly for many years to provide quality software for
Amateur Radio operators, allowing them to operate advanced digital modes
without the difficulties once associated with these operations. 

The UI-View software is the benchmark by which all other APRS Raster Mapping
software is compared to. 

Whilst writing excellent software, Roger has also ensured that users are
able to experiment with his software by allowing access to the internal
features of his software through an extensive API. Once the software was
written, he ensured that the software was extensively supported, starting
mailing lists to support his software. To date one of these lists has had
35,000 messages, with Roger reading each one and replying to a significant
number of them. 

These are just some of the reasons that TAPR is proud to present a Lifetime
Achievement Award to Roger Barker, G4IDE, for his services to Digital

About TAPR: 
TAPR was founded in 1982 as a international organization with interests in
the areas of packet and digital communications. Today, TAPR continues as a
membership supported non-profit amateur research and development
organization. TAPR currently has more than 2000 members, worldwide and
continues to develop kits for the amateur community and is working actively
on publications and communications standards.

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