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> Mike asked 29/07/2004 5:02:44 PM
> > A while back there was some discussion on delaying start up programs used
> > by AGW so that the packet engine would be fully loaded before the rest of
> > programs were run.
> Any reason you couldn't use a batch file to do the task? I'm pretty rusty with batch files, but I played around with it 
> for a while and came up with something that worked all of the time in Windows XP Pro.. A search on Google should list 
> quite a few sites with help on the syntax used in batch files. Some of the examples I found (using choice, sleep, 
> timeout, etc.) didn't work. It looks like they would only be supported with various resource kits installed, or for 
> CHOICE, a pre-XP version of Windows... I think. I kept trying to do it all in a single batch file, but kept running into 
> snags depending on how many and which programs I was trying to start this way. By using several batch files and calling 
> the others from the first batch file, it worked 100% of the time for me on my machine. 
> @echo off
> call program1.bat
> PING -n 3 -w 1000 > NUL
> call program2.bat
> call program3bat
> call program4.bat
> exit
> For it to work, the IP address must be non-existent. You could play around with the numbers to make the time delay longer 
> or shorter. This example starts one program, creates a delay, and then starts the rest of the required programs 
> sequentially. You could create additional delays by inserting copies of the "ping" command in between the other batch 
> files that are being called. The example should give you a 3 x 1000 ms delay after starting the first program before 
> opening the rest of them. If you are working with a pre-XP version of Windows, you could use the choice command instead 
> to introduce a delay.
> My test file was C:\test.bat right in the root of the C: drive, but you could place it anywhere, and the batch files that 
> it was calling were also in the C: drive, but could be anywhere by just modifying it like this...  CALL PATH\PROGRAM2.BAT 
> etc. If you end up with long file names like "C:\Program Files\Long Folder Name\file.exe", the following should work: 
> "c:\progra~1\longfo~1\file.exe" etc.
> The other batch files contained things like this:
> @echo off
> start path\program
> or, if "program" was already in the path...
> @echo off
> start program
> I am sure that some more elegant and "high-tech" ways have been suggested, but the lowly batch file seemed to work OK 
> when I tried it.
> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
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