[aprssig] IGates in Paris?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jul 29 20:04:50 EDT 2004

Steve, W4EPI, attempted APRSing and APRS Emailing from the
top of the Eiffel Tower and Arch de Triumph in Paris
and although he got digiepated, nothing made it to
FINDU...  Bummer...   Bob

>>> "Steve Diggs" <w4epi at hotmail.com> 7/29/04 6:29:01 PM >>>
Thanks, Bob. I checked findu.com for the SSID of my TH-D7, which I
think is 
W4EPI-3 (or 4, maybe). It didn't appear on findu.com, so the messages 
probably didn't make it out either.

Funny, cuz I got position echos and "My Message" echos on screen, so I
they got picked up. I guess Paris and linked areas don't have an email

gateway. What a bummer, cuz were gunna be nice spots; one on top of the
de Triumph and on from top of the Eiffel Tower.

Oh, well, next time.

Steve Diggs, W4EPI

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