[aprssig] APRS Interstate routing...

James Jarvis jj at aprsworld.net
Fri Jul 30 16:23:37 EDT 2004

> Think about it:
> 1) Most of our mobile traffic is on the interstates
> 2) Most of our commerce and populations are
>     distributed along the interstates
> 3) Most of our infrastructure is dependent on the
>     interestates
> 4) EVERYONE knows where the interstates are
>     and wehre they go.
> 5) The entire country is criss-crossed with them.
> 6) Its a universal NAMING convention that EVERYONE
>     already knows...

But why do I want to route my traffic my interstate? What the heck is the 
point of me saying I want my posits to go down I-90?

Every time I get on a new interstate I need to change my path? What happened 
to relay, wide or wide2-2 working everywhere?

I'm in Iowa. I live within a few miles of I-35, but once I drive 20 miles west 
I'm out of range of digipeaters that serve I-35 and now there is no 
interstate by me. What do I do?

I must be missing something, because this makes no sense to me.



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