[aprssig] Cleaning up the Digis

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jul 29 14:51:15 EDT 2004

While looking in detail at the DIGIs in the Mid Atlantic
states I saw several typos in the BEACONS that cause
these digis not to show up properly on APRS, or mobiles.

Before I list the typos I found, I have a few general 

1) Use HAAT for PHG, not ground elevation!
2) /A=000XXX is for ground elevation, not antennas!
3) Dont put /A=000XXX early in the BText where it
    takes away from the 20 or 28 characters visible
    on the mobiles.  (or take it out completely)
4) Get your OVERLAY character right, R, W, T, N, U 
5) Make sure HID is off in the TNC
6) Set the UNPROTO to the TYPE of digi:
      APN3xx Kantronics KPC-3 rom versions
      APN9xx Kantronics KPC-9612 Roms
      APNAxx WB6ZSU's APRServe
      APNMxx MJF TNC roms
      APNPxx Paccom TNC roms
      APNUxx UIdigi

That said, here are the errors and typos I found.  If you
know anyone responsible for these digis, how about
passing it along...  Thanks

I truncated them to fit starting at the # symbol Byte:

K3RAM-1  #APRS QRT ...             <== No PHG or type or overlay
KE4HI-3    # PHG3860 ...              <== Leading SPACE in PHG
KG4JBG    # 7 MILES WEST OF...<== No PHG, data, or overlay
N2FFA-11  # Titusville,                   <== No PHG
N4EVA-10  #PHG/Eastern VA ...   <== No PHG
N4EVA-12  #/PHG5480....             <== Leading space in PHG
W1CAR-1   #PHG3760/W-R-T      <== No overlay "T"
W1NLK-15  #/www.gnarc.org        <== No PHG
W2VER-15  # Vernon Twp....         <== No PHG
W3FJD        }PGH5230...               <== wrong SYMBOL and misspelled
W3GXT-2    #PHG5330/WIDEn-n  <== no "N" overlay
WB2FTX-15 #PGH5260 ...              <== Misspelled PHG
WB2ZII        mPHG7450/W-R-T     <== No overlay, wrong symbol

Some of these could be bad bits on receipt.
Im not pointing fingers, just helping those that
may not have looked at their digis on the MAP


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