[aprssig] Wind speed/direction

James Jefferson jj at aprsworld.net
Wed Jul 28 23:38:27 EDT 2004

Scott wrote:
> >Is it ok to send ".../010"?  It appears to allow that in the spec,
> >but no examples like that are given.
Bob wrote:
> Yes, that is what I would do.  I cannot guarantee what
> client software will do with it, but I would consider that
> to be IAW the spec...
> Bob Bruninga
> Technical Chair, APRS-WG

Bob, I gotta say that I am upset and completely shocked at this. 

You personally belittled me for ignoring the Kenwoods when my weather stations 
were sending the format you just described. There was a very public 
discussion of this topic on APRSSIG sometime in the last year. I would 
recommend that you and everyone else on the SIG check it out.

After all of the personal attacks subsided it was concluded that the Kenwood 
radios would not decode a packet like .../010 and it instead needed a 000/010 
format packet. I also recall that most everyone but you read the spec 
as .../010 being a perfectly valid report - per spec - but was not decodeable 
by the Kenwood radios.

Being that you now have made the same "mistake" as I, and others, have made in 
respect to sending wind speeds without wind directions, I would recommend 
that you amend the spec to make this clear.


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