[aprssig] convert serial weather data to tcp socket

Wes Johnston wes at johnston.net
Wed Jul 28 07:05:29 EDT 2004

Check www.rabbitsemiconductor.com .  Also, www.siteplayer.com .  Both 
are tcp/ethernet enabled processor modules.  The rabbit is probably 
overkill for you, but certainly the most robust.  I have released as 
much of the rabbit IGATE as I ever got done at 
http://www.imscorporation.com/kd4rdb/rabbit_aprs_code.c .  Look over 
that source code to get an idea of how to address their tcp stack.

Contact me directly if you have any questions.


Tyler Allison wrote:

>I've been beating my head against a wall doing google searches for the
>last 3 hours and find nothing of use under $300.
>Instead of asking for a solution I figure I'll throw out my issue and see
>if anyone has an idea and then throw out a few ideas myself at the bottom.
>I have an Oregon Scientific WMR-968 Weather Station currently hooked up to
>a Linux box running the wx200d software.  This is all fine and dandy and
>works like a charm.
>I want to replace the Linux server, since it does nothing but convert
>serial weather data into something I can get via a TCP port from a remote
>webserver. Seems like a waste to power a complete desktop to do nothing
>but run a weather deamon that simply translates serial data and spews it
>out when you connect to a specific port.
>Does anybody know of a way to take serial output from a WMR-968 and make
>it available via a tcp port WITHOUT installing any 'virtual serial'
>drivers? I found plenty of serial-to-ethernet devices but they all
>required installing a driver on the client to create a 'virtial' serial
>port. Not an option since I cant require a driver be installed on all the
>What would be great is to be able to connect to say...port 8888 and have
>the device spew serial data over the TCP session.
>Another option might be to take the WMR-968 data, run it through a device
>to convert it to an APRS weather data packet and make that available via
>TCP port 8888
>I know I COULD connect the WMR968 up to a radio and transmit the weather
>data on APRS but I am unable to hit a reliable IGATE in my area with even
>50watts of power so my only option is to go ethernet.
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