[aprssig] Homemade Geiger Counter

Kurt A. Freiberger kurt at badgers-hill.net
Tue Jul 27 15:27:13 EDT 2004

That brings back memories!!  Rat Shack used to sell TO-3 cases with the 
top off, and a red filter in its place.  Made a rather fine IR detector.

As for fluorescent tubes, I was involved in a project to make a cosmic 
ray telescope in a salt mine here in texas.  The detectors were to be 
made out of fluorescent tubes without the stuff that glowes, in clumps 
of 10 tubes with 10 tubes over that at 90 degree positioning, then 10 
tubes at 0 degree positioning so as to produce a cluster 10 tubes high. 
  The outputs would go to a Data General Nova 1200, using an 
autoincrement DMA feature of the memory mapping unit.  I can't remember 
how many stacks we would have used.  We were going to use a 220Mhz link 
back to the campus.  Unfortunately, the funding fell through.  Woulda 
been cool.


Jordi Costa wrote:
> I read, long time ago, that some silicon power transistors, with wide Si
> area (i.e. 2N23055), could used as radiation detectors once its metal
> package is properly cut. Don't rembember source of info.
> Jordi - EA3CIU

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