[aprssig] Homemade Geiger Counter

Jordi Costa bvjordi at bitsnvolts.com
Tue Jul 27 12:55:42 EDT 2004

I read, long time ago, that some silicon power transistors, with wide Si
area (i.e. 2N23055), could used as radiation detectors once its metal
package is properly cut. Don't rembember source of info.

Jordi - EA3CIU

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> As we approach armagedon, I thought it might
> be nice to have a Geiger counter.
> Which, if I recall is just an ionization chamber,
> a voltge charge and an audio amp.  Since Radio
> Shack does not have GeigerMueller tubes, do I
> remember correctly that you could even use
> a flourescent bulb for the ionization chamber?
> Just thought it would be nice to have something
> to detect high energy particles around the house
> or on a satellite, or feeding alerts onto APRS?
> (hence asking on both sigs)..
> Bob
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