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> Same reason so few members of this SIG support TAPR by 
> becoming a member. The benefits from joining are mostly 
> intangible, and not needed to enjoy the fruits of TAPR's 
> efforts, so why "waste" the money...

Big difference: shareware and non-free software carries a price tag that
users are legally bound to pay per the licenses involved.  TAPR offers
the use of this SIG free of charge.  Just like users of our local club
repeater, there is no requirement for users to be paid members of the

Apples and oranges.

As to music and software being intangible, they are due to the Internet
and free access to the files.  But far be it for somebody to go pay for
a CD!

As I say, my APRS software is offered free of charge and I expect no
remuneration for it.  But that was my choice.  I find it sad that
someone (the person quoted by Bob at the beginning of this thread) who
has invested a large sum of money into their equipment feels that it
isn't worth investing another $20 for some software written by a fellow
ham.  Just my observation, nothing else.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
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