[aprssig] Fixing HID problems on APRS!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jul 26 09:43:24 EDT 2004

>>> ramirault at erols.com 7/26/04 9:06:17 AM >>>
>but .... the APRS POSITION COMMENT is a function 
>of the APRS software [which ceases during a pwr 
>outage]... If I did not have set special provisions for 
>emergency use than I would leave HID off. 

Seems like a good assessment.

But the problem with HID's is really a three fold problem
and its the sum of the three that all add up to make them
a nuisance:
1) Usually of no value to APRS
2) Every 10 minutes
3) Uses the full UNPROTO path in the TNC

If they were direct only, or were not every 10 miunutes
that would significanlty cut down on the problem...

In your case, it sounds like they are providing a
useful emergency preparedness function.  The only
thing I can think of that might help others in a similar
situation would be to activate one of the TNC's LTexts
for this emergency use as an APRS status packet.  
Set it's LPATH do direct or set its RATE to 30 minutes.
or something along those lines...


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