[aprssig] Fixing HID problems on APRS!

Richard Amirault ramirault at erols.com
Mon Jul 26 09:06:17 EDT 2004

Yes (good idea) ... but .... the APRS POSITION COMMENT is a function of the
APRS software. During an emergency (that includes a lack of commercial
power) my computer running APRS will not be running and so NO APRS Position
Comments will be sent. In a perfect world everyone would remember who has
special a set-up for emergency use ... but this is not a perfect world.

If I did not have set special provisions for emergency use than I would
leave HID off. I frankly don't think there are that many APRS stations
set-up for use during loss of comercial power ... maybe 10% ... most likely
even less

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From: "Robert Bruninga"
Subject: Re: [aprssig] Fixing HID problems on APRS!

> Richard, if you want to announce that you are operating
> both a BBS and a KA node on the APRS frequeency
> then put that info in your APRS POSITION COMMENT field
> or in your APRS STATUS packet.  That is what those
> fields are for.

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