[aprssig] APS Transformer help needed tracking!

Spider spider at rivcom.net
Sun Jul 25 11:23:06 EDT 2004

The Huge APS power transformer that has made the news which is being shipped
from Washington State to Phoenix, AZ is currently in the Apple Valley, CA
area.  Apparently it fell off the trailer in the Narrows section on or near
the bridge on Hwy 18 that separates Desert Knolls from Victorville.

The Transformer is coming across the desert. and will be making it's way
into Arizona soon.....well okay....once it's back on the trailer and it only
moves about 10Mph.

I would like to see this thing tracked and I am looking for some people in
the High Desert area, 29 Palms area to do it.
I'll track it once it reaches my area on it's way through to Phoenix.

Can anyone help?


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