[aprssig] Path Precedence

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jul 24 19:59:03 EDT 2004

NEVER EVER send a packet with RELAY in any
hop position beyond the first.  You will cause EVERY
APRS stations in the state to TRANSMIT with maximum
QRM and make many people very upset.

Since most people do multiple things on 2 meters
whenever their station transmits on APRS, they are
totally blocked from 2m in the rest of their shack
and sometimes their own TV's as well.  But since
this is only one packet every 30 minutes or so, 
must of us dont care.  But when someone ELSE
starts digipeating through EVERY HOME STATION
in the state, it starts knocking out all kinds of stuff
and is very very irritating.  Do not do it.


>>> "Peter Devanney" <pdevanney at sympatico.ca> 7/22/04 7:38:30 AM >>>
I am curious about path structure and precedence.

For example, a popular path is RELAY, WIDE2-2 (or WIDE, WIDE)

If the path was WIDE2-2,RELAY would the behaviour of the routing be the
of different?

If I use an alias for a special event e.x. SAR. Does it matter where in
path statement the SAR is placed.



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