[aprssig] Kam Unproto for Gateway station

Glenn Wiebe gswiebe at mb.sympatico.ca
Thu Jul 22 23:48:47 EDT 2004

Hello all:

In the "Setting up a Gateway" section of the help file the last sentence reads: 
"If you set your station up as a gateway you are on BOTH HF and VHF, YOU do not
need to have GATE in your path at all". I'm not sure what that means. What
exactly do I enter in Unproto for the HF port for my packets to be gated to 
VHF? BTW my WinAPRS version is 2.7.2 and MYAlias is gate/relay. I assume 
something like "Unproto /aprs via relay,wide" would be OK for the VHF port.

Thanks & 73 de Glenn...VE4GN

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