[aprssig] Fixing HID problems on APRS!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jul 24 19:45:14 EDT 2004

Seeing over 50 HID's per hour (Counting dupes this
is as many as 200 per hour), this is an abomination on
144.39 just in my area.  This is a BIG problem that we 
need to fix now.

HID ON causes a TNC to send out an ID packet once
every 10 minutes.  This is NOT an APRS function and is
NOT desired on APRS.  From the beginning APRSdos
and other software makes sure to initialize the TNC's
with HID OFF.  Apparently newer software has not been
doing this and now MOST TNC's on the air have HID
ON and it is DOUBLING if not TRIPPLING the load on
144.39 with USELESS packets.

I ask again for stations that are finding their HID's ON to 
help us figure out what software is not properly configuring
the TNC's.

The following is the status of APRS softwware and HID:

APRSdos sets HID OFF during TNC INIT.
WinAPRS  ???
APRS+SA  ???
UIview       ???
Xastir         ???

Are there any WEB pages that are recommending DIGI's
set HID ON?  If so, lets get those web pages fixed too!

We must squash this bug.  Every TNC that has HID ON
(every 10 minutes) is loading the channel equivalent to 
THREE other stations (with HID off) and sending a
position packet only.

Every properly configured DIGI that is sending  HID ON
is TRIPPLING the load from digis.

SO far, I am seeing MOST stations with it ON.  This
is something SIGNIFICANT that we can fix.  Lets 
fix it.


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