[aprssig] "Emergency!" test convention?

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Wed Jul 21 10:47:14 EDT 2004

Danny, I think you misunderstand me. The purpose of a quiet period for
emergency testing is very real and specific, and as far as I remember, Part
97 does not establish any such quiet zone. I've just searched it and didn't
find anything there. I'm not proposing redundancy, I'm asking if this issue
has already been addressed and your reference to Part97 seems only to
confirm that it has not.

Consider, if you are monitoring a system to receive an emergency
transmission....Would you want to get alerted every time someone wanted to
deploy a new system and test it? Redundancy? Hardly. It only needs one
sentence, i.e. "A period of...shall be established for...and Mic-E
"emergency!" transmissions in this period shall be considered tests to be

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