[aprssig] ARISS Satgates

John Becker w0jab at big-river.net
Tue Jul 20 12:42:15 EDT 2004


I can if needed but, I think there is no black hole in the midwest of the US.

John, W0JAB
Louisiana, Missouri

At 09:17 AM 7/18/04, you wrote:
>More ARISS Satgates needed?
>Today I did a quick look at the packets arriving at
>http://www.ariss.net to see where the IGates were:
>00:03:21:35 : qAo,WA6LIE-4  Southern Calif
>00:06:29:46 : qAo,N0AN        Boone Iowa
>00:06:31:57 : qAR,KE4AZZ    Greenwood Indiana
>00:07:23:15 : qAo,VA3BOO   Kinsington, ONT
>00:08:01:18 : qAO,KC9DOA   Fondu Lac WI
>00:08:47:24 :        VK5AH-1      Adelaide, AUS
>00:09:34:58 : qAo,VE2TSO     Quebec
>00:11:21:27 : qAo,KB0LCR-1  Watertown SD
>00:12:36:58 : qAR,F4CEP      France
>00:12:40:22 : qAo,ON7EQ      Belgium
>00:12:51:22 : qAo,KC9ECI      Onalaska, WI
>Notably absent were very large sections of the USA
>such as the East Coast, Souitheast, Souithwest,
>South and Pacific Northwest.
>Global areas missing:  Japan, South America, Souith
>Africa, Hawaii, Alaska, Israel, UK, Spain, Central
>America, etc...
>Two things of note.
>1) Setting up a SATGATE to link ARISS into the internet
>is simply a whip antenna, an FM rig and TNC on 145.800 and
>just about any version of APRS.
>2) There is no such thing as overkill.   The APRS internet
>system filters out all dupes so it is better to have too many
>than not enough IGates.  And having at least TWO igates
>in every area doubles the probability that EVERY packet
>that makes it through the AIRSS digipeater will be captured
>by at least one IGate.
>So if you have a spare TNC and FM radio and permanent
>internet access, please  consider setting up an IGate.
>* A whip antenna does NOT need to be high or to see
>     the horizon.  Someone else's IGate will hopefully be
>     closer.   A 19" whip over a ground plane is simple and
>     effective.  No moving parts.  Low so it avoids lightening
>     vulnerability.  etc..
>de Wb4APR, Bob
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