[aprssig] OT - DC Auto Charger with auto cutoff

kd4ydc at juno.com kd4ydc at juno.com
Mon Jul 19 17:40:15 EDT 2004

Because of a wreak in my van....I am forced into my yl's van while she gets the new one (isn't that the way it always is ;-)

The electrical system is her van is pretty bad, so putting more stress on it with radios may put it over the edge.  I was thinking about putting a battery (this battery looks sealed - Power Battery Company PRC-1265) in the back and running everything off of it.  There is a accessory plug back there that I was going to "charge" it off of.  Is there any device that could be made that would automatically shut off when full charge is reached?  I hope to run my laptop's inverter, dual band radio, 2mtr mobile (for APRS), tnc, gps off of this battery (if that needs to be considered).
Thanks and sorry for the OT,

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