[aprssig] Other LINKn-N digis

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jul 19 14:49:41 EDT 2004

Linear LINKn-N's:

There are some other linear LINKn-N systems that I 
think would be useful for distant travelers:

81LNKn-N for the I-81 corridor/valley
95LNKn-N from Florida to Maine
85LNKn-N Richmond through Atlanta

Users would use the path of say WIDE,81LNK3-3
for example to travel that route.  The initial WIDE
causes the first digi to identify itself (and will work
anywhere else most of the trip too)..

Again these LINKn-N's are not to encourage long paths 
for routine operators, but to allow long-haul travelers 
along  these  routes to use the n-N path of 3-3 and have 
their  packets go 3 hops in both directions along their 
travel route, but  NOT then also QRM out 3 hops and 
27 digis in ALL direcitons which is what currently 
happens with WIDEn-N.

THis is the new n-N paradigm:

1) Cuts back on FLOODING with WIDEn-N
2) Converts UIFLOOD over to linear LINKn-Ns or to
    local area LANn-N's to reduce impact
3) With users using shorter WIDEn-N paths, then
    digis will set up to use the traceable UITRACE to 
    support the WIDEn-N generic users.

For more on the LINKn-N's and LANn-N's and the new
n-N paradigm, see:



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