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sv1uy sv1uy at ham.depa.gr
Mon Jul 19 16:59:35 EDT 2004

On Mon, 19 Jul 2004 21:47:21 +0200, DG2JW wrote
> Youre right in your assumption.TNC-2 sorry.
> Ok I forgot the TNC (which I had laying around like most hams do) :) 
> guilty :( Other than that it really is complete. Im not saying its a 
> great way to do it all, but your primary concern was your budget. 
> and so far this has been the cheaperst way I have found to do it.
> Sorry about missing the TNC (youre right bob no sound card in 
> palmIII os) It still is a nice alterniative and yes integrated is 
> better in many cases.

Hi Julian and group,

For a moment I thought we had discovered the ultimate TNC-less APRS setup.
It almost sounded like the CFA antenna!!!

> I think the only way I purchase another D7 or 
> future model of it would be if it was integratied with GPS.
> For conviniece its not a waste of money. (Invest in better batteries 
> and antenna)
> Actually again in an effort to be fare.
> I often run my D7 with Palm or Ipaq attached to it. This is the next 
> best solution as it allows you to get moving maps and other software 
> that is much more comfortable than the D7΄s own tiny winy window.
> There are lots of ways one can work but for sure the one thing I can 
> say without doubt is there are many more ways than just using the 
> D7. I found that expanding the D7 with a pda was the best way to get 
> all the functionality I wanted. Actually with Pocket APRS its quite 
> awesome :)

Well the TH-D7 is still the ultimate setup for operating portable 2 way APRS
and of course one can connect to it his/her Palm, Palmtop or whatever portable
computer (not a laptop) and he/she can still enjoy portable APRS and watch
maps at the same time. I often do that with my Palm V and Pocketaprs or my
HP200LX and APRSDOS (which is free) when I feel like watching maps but really
when you walk you do not need any maps or any flying interconnecting wires.
The TH-D7 is more than enough and has all the APRS functionality you need!!!

Also I enjoy operating my TM-D700 whenever I drive and I find it very
comfortable to operate without the distraction of having to watch a map and of
course I love the fact that I only need the D700 and my blind GPS and only one
interconnecting cable!!! If you have a navigator next to you then you can
connect a laptop, fire a nice graphical APRS program and the navigator, not
the driver, can do all the APRS operating!!! I have done this a few times with
my laptop when I managed to convince the XYL to drive so I could play! hi hi
hi!!! Then the lapstop can become a very good tool indeed, but when I drive
thanks very much, the D700 by itself is the best setup.

> julian

73 de Demetre SV1UY
e-mail sv1uy at ham.depa.gr

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